United Fiber and all companies connected to United Group are required to comply with applicable laws and regulations, its Code of Conduct and company’s policies, and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity, openness, and accountability in their business operations.

To ensure such compliance and demonstrate its commitment to open and accountable management, United Group have developed a Protected Disclosure (Whistleblowing and Antiretaliation) Policy providing guidelines for making a disclosure of information relating to wrongdoing (Whistleblowing) within the working environment, or in a work-related context.

This Policy is applicable in all United Group entities and all other entity or group level policies and procedures, are in alignment with the protection of any disclosure and the actual whistle blower who makes a report.

This Policy applies to anyone who decides to use United Group’s internal whistle-blowing system, Integrity Helpline, to report certain forms of wrongdoing, either from suspected or identified violations of applicable laws and regulations or even to breach of company policy and ethics frameworks.

For further information on United Fiber’s Protected Disclosure (Whistleblowing and Antiretaliation) Policy click here.