At United Fiber our strategy is based on our vision to act responsibly. To ensure that we conduct our business activities respectfully and responsibly, we have developed our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. The Code sets out the principles, values and a set of policies that are used as guidance to our daily business behaviour and assist each individual to make the right decisions.

Our company and United Group are committed to ethical and responsible conduct in all its business activities in accordance with the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, with the aim of continuously reducing the impact of our operations on the environment, specifically by minimizing our environmental impact and creating value for the society through our investments.

We have proceeded to create the Supplier and Partner Code of Conduct (Supplier Code), which is mainly addressed to key and new United Fiber suppliers and partners in all areas of the company’s business activities and aims to ensure that all suppliers, contractors, consultants and partners embrace and promote our fundamental values ​​related to business ethics and sustainability and accordingly they promote these principles in the context of their own supply chain.

Our Supplier Code is based on industry codes of conduct, international law, recognized ethical standards, responsible business principles and best practices and is not a substitute for, nor should it be considered to override, local laws and regulations which apply in the jurisdiction where the Supplier operates but acts in addition to the contractual relationship.

Our Company and United Group expects each Supplier or Partner to:

  • Respect the personal dignity, privacy and rights of all its employees, apprentices and contractors.
  • Comply with applicable employment law in each respective country.
  • Abide by this Code where it applies to its arrangement with United Group.
  • Hold its supply chain to the principles of Sustainable Development.

Our Supplier and its employees are expected to be escalating suspicious activities, high risk issues or violations of this Code towards Compliance Direction through the Integrity Helpline:

  • Telephone Number free of charge (available from fixed phone in Greece): 800 000 0126
  • E-mail Address: [email protected].

For more information on the Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Partners, click here.