Our Code of Conduct, “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics”, is the framework that sets out United Fiber’s and United Group’s expectations on how we do business. It assists everyone who works on behalf of United Fiber to understand their responsibility to act in accordance with Our Code of Conduct, all applicable Policies and legislation, regardless their work position or location, for the benefit of all company’s stakeholders.

In case laws or regulations are less strict than the principles included in Our Code of Conduct or Policies, we apply the highest standards. All United Fiber employees when we need guidance or encounter a problem or want to make a Whistleblowing report, we can either contact our Local Compliance Officer at United Fiber or United Group’s Head of Compliance.

United Group is taking seriously its commitment to implement and maintain the highest standards of ethics, honesty, transparency and accountability. Adherence to this ethical commitment, is essential to our continuous success.

Any whistle blower who reports a concern with reasonable grounds will always be protected by our Protected Disclosure (Whistleblowing and Antiretaliation) Policy.

If you have any questions or need clarification on matters relating to the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, you can contact our Local Compliance Officer at United Fiber or United Group’s Compliance Direction in one of the following communication channels:

  • Telephone Number free of charge (available from fixed phone in Greece): 800 000 0126

United Group’s Integrity Helpline is designed for whistleblowing and not for public or customer use. For any customer complaints you may contact our local Customer Service.

If you wish to read our United Fiber Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, click here.

Also, if you need to read further information you may find Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.